Brooklyn Comics & Graphic Festival

The art of comics is considered to be the Wild West of the art world— the niche is still so relatively small, especially in NYC, that if you show up in the scene and you are talented, somebody will take notice of you. Hopefully, if you’re into comics, you were able to check out the Brooklyn Comics & Graphic Festival, which took place in Williamsburg this past Saturday, November 10th.

Unlike Comic Con, which focuses more on the superhero comic book culture and all that surrounds it, the Brooklyn Comics & Graphic Festival is more of a showcase for new and well-known artists and illustrators to showcase their work. The festival is an ongoing project hosted by the comic book store on Metropolitan Ave, Desert Island, the publisher Picture Box Inc., and critic Bill Kartalopoulos. Hugely respected comic artist Chris Ware, who is most famous for his Jimmy Corrigan comics, drew all of the promotional material for the festival. Here’s the festival’s awesome promotional poster, props to LaughingSquid:

The annual curated event was held in various spots around BK, with the big venue being the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church on North 8th. Mad artists and mad comic fanatics from around the country showed up to display their work and buy cute stuff. 

Enchanted Lion Books, a children’s book publisher (cause if you think about it, children’s books are, essentially, comics) had a booth there. Check out a promotional video for their children’s book “Seasons” here:

Guest artists featured new artists and established ones like Roz Chast, most famous for his great New Yorker covers like these:

See? Comics are everywhere and really awesome. If you wanna stay on the NYC comic scene, check out the above mentioned sponsors’ pages and get enlightened.